Monday, January 21, 2008


02   I started working today, seriously I did not look forward to it at all. Dressed in Calvin Klein Shirt I bought at Bandung, with black pant, accompany decent looking hairstyle, I was ready for the challenges I WAS going to face. 

After that, I drove my mum and dad to the homeopathic clinic at tradehub 21 @ Jurong East for awhile. I was quite tired actually but responsibility is too big for me and I could feel it. 

Does ageing take its toll and I start losing my energy and stamina.IS ageing brutal? 

Signs of <strong>andropause</strong> is when men notice a gradual loss of energy, decreased stamina, loss of libido, sexual dysfunction and the dreaded “middle age bulge”. It is scary.

After that, I took a long nap that I almost missed the dinner appointment with my close friends. It took a while for me to wake up and get ready. It was raining still.

I took taxi to Takashinmaya S.C. which cost me about $24. I walked to the Seoul Garden and met Richard. We went inside and waited for Chen Xing to arrived from his workplace at Ubi.

Richard smsed me that no one would like to celebrate his/her birthday alone. 

Chen xing, always came with ever dramatic events. Today he confronted this uncle for pointing middle finger at him at carpark at Paragon. He even took a picture of him using camphone and asked him to come out to settle but that guy did not even bothered him. THe reasone that guy did on him because he took sweet time walking on the road, hogging the car.

We took all the barbeque food and some other cooked foor to eat. It cost three of us $77++ only. I tried cooking mee goreng for them using the limited space of hotplate. Surpisingly, the mee goreng taste good. 

Chen xing has japanese way of eating beef. Firstly, dip the beef on the hot soup, for us, we choose tom yam soup base, then quickly dipped on raw egg batter and eat straight away.

It had been a long time I ate raw eggs during my workout regime.I hate the smell and it was really hard to swallow those thick stuff through the mouth. 

we stayed from 8.30pm to close of the Seoul Garden. I believed we wasted a lot. 

Then we digested our stomach by walking along the Orchard Road, enjoying the christmas decorations before they started to be taken out. We stopped outside Esprit Shop and sat down and did people-watching while chatting about taking holidays and life as per normal.

I am sad not because I did not get any birthday present, but I am sad because things happened almost everyday which really drained me too much that I lose my optimism.


New hairstyle for New Year - Young looking and clean image
The last xmas
decoration before being taken down later
Watching TV console while waiting for my
friends to buy ciggies

Then at 12 midmight, we went back home as the next day we need to work. 

Before I was heading to sleep, my mum said to me:

"I am still sick and cannot move around much, but the only I can offer is a kiss from me"

She kissed me on my cheek and went back home.

So sweetness.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Solemnization of Marriage

I went to Marsiling Road to attend my ex hostelmate from NTU's solemnization of marriage. Using navigator to find his place, it always give me the same path to johor bahru immgigration center, instead of using expressway. I start to wonder it was a fastest way to marsiling?

Once I reached, I was quite shy about entering inside because there were so many unknown faces, perhaps his relatives.

I just ended up driving back home.

Then My family and I went to Sheng Shiong supermart to buy some grocery for next month. I spent about $125++ on grocery. It is time for me to contribute to household income. Then we bought some food at foodcourt to bring home.

My day spent with family is fruitful.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Totally concussion.

Once I woke up, I was down with sickness. Sore throat, headaches and cough.

Kinda of wasted to fall sick over weekend but somehow I need plenty of rest. I had not recovered from sore throat last monday.

Just watch TV, surfing net and sleep.

What a boring saturday!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

friendship gone bad 2

Went to town at 7pm to meetr CZ then ri camme late... then we had dinner at fish N co.l..then..insult

Monday, August 13, 2007

Two week Discipline

Today I went for morning jog at 5 am, with intention to lose weight because I was quite bothered by friends who said that I ballooned out already.

At 3pm, I drove to Dephi Orchard to pay the installment, then headed to Bugis Junction to meet herwan. I hate going to bugis because I need to pass through many ERP system along the way.

Waste of money.

I went to gym for 30 minutes run at Bugi California Gym.

At this time, so many people in the gym working out. I met Herwan at Mcdonald's and have a bite nearby hawker stall. I had my chicken rice and chillled out there. I was so loving the place so much because there were so many beautiful people around. I was so blended well there.

We walked to Arab street to check out the place and even explored the Haji Lane and the bussorah street. Soemthing eye opening for me because the place was quite extraordinary for me.

I felt like a tourist.

Then we walked to Shaw house carpark and drove to West Coast McDonalds for chilling out. Another place where beautiful people hang out.

Around 9.30pm.I sent Herwan to Bukit merah mrt station. I was drained with new lifestyle.

Hope I could wake up at 4am again.


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